Screening of 入戏 IN CHARACTER | Singapore Chinese Film Festival 2019


中国 China / 2017 / 74 Min / Rating TBA / Mandarin 华语 / English subtitles 英文字幕

导演 Director:董雪莹 Tracey Dong

有着文革情节的导演叶京为了让十三名年轻演员回到 文革,把演员们封闭在四川小镇的一座兵工厂,隔绝 了与外界的任何联系——这无异于一场人类学实验。 这十三名演员每天穿着文革时期的服装,听着文革时 期的歌曲......一名演员请假的事件掀起了一场残酷的 批斗会,批斗会上演员们发生了惊愕的变化......

Ye Jing, a director with a real Cultural Revolution complex, attempts to carry 13 young actors back to the era of the Cultural Revolution by taking them to a firearms factory in a village in Sichuan without the possibility of having any contact to the outside world – just like an anthropological experiment. These 13 young actors must wear clothes and listen to music from this period every day. When one of the actors asks whether he may leave, a great struggle ensues. It seems like that these actors have gone through some quite astonishing changes during their time together.

  • The 12th FIRST International Film Festival: Nominated for Best Documentary 第12届FIRST青年电影展:提名最佳纪录长片

Singapore Chinese Film Festival is co-founded and organised by the Singapore Film Society and Singapore University of Social Sciences, and is held annually since 2013. The main objective of the festival is to promote the appreciation of quality Chinese Cinema here in Singapore. Through panel discussions and dialogue, the festival aims to foster deeper interaction between Singapore filmmaking talents and filmmakers from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia.

It is currently the second largest film festival held in Singapore in terms of number of films screened and audience attendance, with yearly growth in attendance since its inauguration in 2013.

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Sat Apr 20, 2019
2:30 PM - 3:45 PM SGT
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